Le Duc National Board Documentation

3. Fostering Teamwork

Assemble Entry 3 in the following sequence (top to bottom)

  Entry 3 Cover Sheet    (top)
  Contextual Information Sheet
paper clip graphic Written Commentary Cover Sheet
Written Commentary (11 pages maximum)
paper clip graphic Activity Description Cover Sheet
Activity Description (1 page maximum)
Instructional Materials (6 pages maximum)
  Classroom Layout Form
  Photocopy of Government-Issued Photo ID
  Videotape (20 minutes maximum, continuous and unedited)

The paperclip is a reminder that materials must not be stapled or bound. Please remember to use only paperclips to assemble components of your entry.

Your Entry Choices
Entry Unit
(must be three  
  different units)
Lesson Dates Students Featured

Assessment of Student Learning        

Demonstration Lesson        

Fostering Teamwork